Egg Nog Bamkuch

Ok, if you haven’t heard of Bamkuch yet, you’ve been living under a rock! Bamkuch is Luxembourg’s most iconic cake – usually reserved for life’s major occasions, like weddings and communions. Its name translates as ‘tree cake’ because, when the cake is cut open, you see the baked rings like the rings of a tree trunk. Traditionally, Bamkuch is baked on a rotating spit, like a horizontal kebab, by drizzling the batter over the spit and grilling it from the side. This is of course impossible to recreate at home, so I grill the cake layers simply under the oven grill!

If you want the classic Bamkuch recipe, head over to this post. This here is my version of a festive Xmas Bamkuch, made with egg nog and a touch of cinnamon. It will not taste as strongly as my classic, rum-soaked Bamkuch – but it does have a lovely creamy egg nog flavour running through it.

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